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What if Ghosts Actually Live in Ghost Towns? (And Other High Thoughts)

Have you ever been so high that you thought you found the secret to curing cancer, or ending racism, or like, how to make a Google for your brain? Yeah. It’s a wonderful thing when you have an excuse to think/say the thoughts that have been hiding in the crevices and crooks of your mind. So here are some thoughts I have jotted down from the mouths of a few different minds, because why the fuck not. You know, we’re all just a bunch of elements being sucked down onto the Earth while it spins and spins and flies through space.

1. “100% would bang Tyrion Lannister” (Kanbar Hall, 10/16/15).

2. “Why can I send a text message but not take it back?” (Arctic Museum steps, 9/5/15).

3. “What is bi-partison?” (Searles Hall 315, 11/29/15).

4. “Isn’t it sad that it’ll never be acceptable to sleep under a restaurant table again? Youth is dead” (Smith Union, 11/20/15).

5. “I literally break the law every day” (playground bench, 10/24/15).

6. “What if ghosts actually live in ghost towns? like, seriously, no one would EVER know” (The Stacks, 9/14/15).

7. “…an Uber driver that uses Lyft” (Federal Street, 9/30/15).

8. “Remember when we like, traded stickers and played Chutes and Ladders and thought we wouldn’t drink until we were 21” (H-L Basement, 11/15/15).

9. “I feel like I won’t have actually lived if I don’t ever feel what my poop is like. Like, I know it’s gross, but aren’t you curious?” (Howell House, 10/7/15).

10. “Toes are just fingers with one knuckle” (South Street, 11/29/15).




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