This is The FauXRient. Here is Your Black Box Warning.

Hello Friends and Fauxs!!

Welcome to The FauXRient, a website fully devoted to presenting you with the FALSEST and most SATIRICAL news/reports/horoscopes/facts/promises/hopes/dreams/opinions/jokes/attacks/emails/interviews out there!!! We hope you take none of this seriously because it is NOT meant to be taken seriously. This is, again, a SATIRICAL website aimed at stretching/bending/completely altering the (capitol T) Truth in any way we wish because, ya know, the First Amendment and all.

Furthermore, this website is NOT affiliated with any college or university. Therefore, anytime a college or university is written about, it is meant to be a PARODY of the institution. This is an independent website that is not supported, endorsed, or recognized by any institution in any way, shape, or form. Any people/persons mentioned on this website have probably NOT given consent in the use of their name, and therefore EVERYTHING written about them should be read as FALSE INFORMATION (aka we make everything up). The proceeding statement should also be applied to any other individual/group of people who is/are alluded to in any crude way. Again, he/she has most likely NOT given his/her consent.

Additionally, any illegal actions/drug use described on this website are neither promoted nor condoned by the authors. All images/GIFS used on this website are taken from a simple search on google.com. If the owner of an image/GIF has an issue with the reproduction of their work, feel free to contact thefauxrient@gmail.com and we will be HAPPY to take it down for you.

Humor is fun and you should laugh at these funny articles because I think they’re funny and everything I think is funny is funny because the world revolves around me and all my experiences. Rock & roll. Deal w/ it.

So enjoy this Extended Release drug, hopefully it will stay in your system for a while.


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